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Keratin Hair System Repair System is a 3 step hair treatment which repairs weak, fragile and dull hair.


Specially formulated to restore mass to excessively bleached, relaxed and straightened hair, Repair System features a Keratin Treatment, Hair cuticle Restorer and Gloss Serum which work harmoniously to repair damaged hair instantly without any specialist tools.


First aid for the hair, Repair System utilises Keratin and other high performance ingredients to restore health and vitality to the hair whilst eliminating split ends and other visible signs of hair damage. Repair System leaves the hair beautifully renewed, glossy and healthy.


Tip: For enhanced results we recommend washing the hair daily with Salt Free Shampoo & Conditioner

(sold separately).

Collection Contains:

Step 1: Keratin Treatment 30ml – Enriched with Amino Acids, Microfilaments of Keratin, Collagen and Silica, Keratin

Treatment treats the interior of the hair’s cortex and restructures the hair from the inside out.


Step 2: Hair Cuticle Restorer 30ml – Formulated with Luna Matrix, Hair Cuticle Restorer restores mass to the hair

whilst preventing splits and cracks in the hair structure for a smoother hair texture.


Step 3: Gloss Serum 15ml – Rich in next generation Silicas, Gloss Serum prevents the loss of essential Amino

Acids and seals the hair strands whilst protecting the hair against free radical damage.


Aufbesserungs System

* Professionellen Salon qualitative Produkte

* Keratin basiertes intensiv aufbesserungs System

* Repariert schwaches, brüchiges und stumpfes Haar

* Stellt die Masse des Haars, welche durch exessives bleachen, färben, relaxen oder stylen verloren gegangen ist,     wieder her

* Dieses System gibt Ihnen erneuertes Haar

* Lesen Sie sich die Anwendungsbroschüre für weitere informationen durch